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About Me

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Taking pictures has sparked an interest in me since I was a little girl.  I got my first SLR just out of high school and used my younger siblings and the great Upper Michigan country scenery around me as practice.


In 2007, I won my first photo contest.  I took first place in a nationwide contest put on by Kirklands Home Stores.  Along with a cash prize, my photo was framed and sold in Kirklands stores across the U.S.  This was one of my greatest accomplishments and really motivated me to get serious about my photography.  In 2010, I officially became Bel Photography.  I went down to part time at my bank job and finally took on photography as my only career in early 2012.  I have had my current 780 sq ft studio built onto my residence since 2012.  I never thought I would need more space, but my prop collection just keeps growing! 


I live in Rapid River, Michigan and love the woods and small town community.  Beyond my full-time career in photography, I am on the Rapid River School Board, serve as President of our PTC, teach Sunday School at Calvary Lutheran Church and am a member of our local Business Association.  


Not only do I absolutely LOVE my role as photographer, but it also allows me a flexible schedule so that I may spend lots of time with my daughter.  Times get crazy around here, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I thrive on crazy to be honest.  I work awesome in stressful environments.  I'm kinda crazy like that. :)


I am in love with what I do... and have been told I have extreme patience with even the toughest little models.  Give me a call or send me a message to see if we can make a connection and get photos you will adore for years...   I look forward to hearing from you.  :)


photo credit: Everwild Photography 

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